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MUAS - Munich


Detailed information on the application process and necessary application documents can also be found on the MUAS website here.

For Cal Poly students:

  • Check this website for information on a semester abroad: CalPoly abroad
  • If you want to apply, search for international programmes at My CalPoly Portal
  • You can find some information on the exchange programme with Munich University of Applied Sciences (Graphic Communication) here
  • Once you have applied at CalPoly, you apply at Munich University of Applied Sciences through its online portal (see below)

For TUD students:

  • Check this website for information on a semester abroad and the application stages: TUD Outgoing Students
  • If you want to apply, talk to the Academic Coordinator of your school
  • Once you have applied at TUD, you apply at Munich University of Applied Sciences through its online portal (see below)

Application Procedure at MUAS

The following information in this article is from the year 2020. Please check if there have been any changes. MUAS Information for incoming exchange students

Students from partner institutions may apply for the exchange programme at MUAS for one or two semesters. Please note: Applications which are received after the deadline or incomplete cannot be accepted.

1.Step: Nomination Selected students must be nominated by their home institution via email before starting the application process at MUAS. Your coordinator needs to send the nominations to the International Office or directly to the responsible coordinator in the International Office. The nomination deadlines are:

Winter semester: May 1st

Summer semester: November 1st

2. Step: Online Application Please use our Online Application System to apply for one or two exchange semesters at Munich University of Applied Sciences. The link to the Online Application System (Application form A) can be found in the section „Application Documents“.

3. Step: Send application Form A to International Office Please send your scanned application form A via email as one (1) PDF-File with max. 5 MB to the International Office. Design students can send their portfolio separately. The application deadlines are:

Winter semester: May 15th

Summer semester: November 15th

After your application

You will not receive immediate confirmation that your application documents arrived. If they arrive more than two weeks before the deadline, we may be able to review your application and confirm the receipt. If they arrive close to the application deadline we will process your application after the deadline. Letters of Acceptance will be sent to you within one month after the deadline. The countersigned Learning Agreement will be returned via email after the application deadline. In case you have to withdraw from the exchange programme, we kindly ask you to immediately inform the International Office.

Application Documents

  • A: Application Form A: Please complete form A in the Online System » Link (Declaration of Consent). Please print out the created PDF, have it signed and send it to the International Office by email.
  • B: Transcript of Records: Official Transcript of Records in English or German from your home university (including all course achievements up to the current date and your name)
  • C: Bachelor or Diploma Certificate (only for Master students): Copy of Bachelor or Diploma certificate
  • D: English Certificate: If you wish to participate in courses in English, you have the following options:

Erasmus+ students:

  • Test result of the English OLS (Erasmus+ Online lingustic support) test before mobility; level B2 or higher (For winter semester applications the test result (only the test result!) can be handed in until June 30th.)
  • If you are a native English speaker or you study in the UK or Ireland, no proof is required. However, a reference to it must be stated on the application form.

Non-Erasmus+ Students:

  • If you live and study in a country where English is the main language, you do not have to provide any kind of language certificate.
  • If your study programme is solely taught in English, please provide official confirmation of that (e.g. a letter from your home university).
  • If none of the above applies, please provide an English language certificate, indicating at least level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) or equivalent. We can accept the following certificates, showing test results in the four areas Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing:
    • TOEFL iBT: 80
    • IELTS: 6.0
    • CAE: 173

They cannot accept TOEIC or TOEFL ITP!

Please note that the language certificate must not be older than 2 years and must be in English or German.

  • E: Health Insurance (students from EU and Switzerland): Upload a copy of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, E-111 - blue card, CEAM, TSE) valid for the whole duration of your stay in Munich or, if you have a private insurance, a document of your insurance company that confirms sufficient insurance coverage during your whole stay in Munich.

Erasmus+ Non-European students from EU-countries: If you do not possess an EHIC, no confirmation is needed for the application but kindly inform us about whether you are insured or will take out insurance in Germany. Please upload a PDF which states whether you will take out German insurance or whether you have a confirmation from a German health insurance that your health insurance is valid in Germany.

Information for all students: Travel insurance is not sufficient for studying in Germany! They cannot accept any travel insurances.

If you cannot provide a health insurance card or document, please contact the International Office before the deadline ends via email.

The International Office recommend to read through the health insurance document.

  • F: Learning Agreement (for Erasmus+ students): The Learning agreement is provided by your home university as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Please have a look at the Learning Agreement fill-in help document.

Please upload your Learning Agreement (signed by you and your home university) in the application form A during the application process. If you have already submitted the application form A, you can send the Learning Agreement to the International Office separately.

The Learning Agreement will be returned signed via email after the application deadline, provided that you have sent all necessary application documents and got accepted.

Please note: The International Office have not yet been able to work with OLA (Online Learning Agreement).

  • G: Non-EU Study Plan (for non-Erasmus students): This course list only serves as an indication of the courses you intend to take. It is neither the course selection, nor is there a guarantee that you will be able to get these courses at this moment. The list will only give the International Office a better idea in which programme you may be enrolled.

Course Selection

As a general rule, final course selection and registration do not take place until you have arrived in Munich.

If you have to put together a Learning Agreement or Study Plan beforehand, please use the lecture timetables from the previous semester as a guide or ask your departmental coordinator at MUAS for advice. The Learning Agreement can be changed after the student has arrived. More information about the Learning Agreement can be found in the section „Application Documents“.

Courses from the various departments are open to all exchange students enrolled at MUAS irrespective of their own field of study and as long as prerequisites are fulfilled and/or places are available.

Depending on your course selection, you can obtain additional certificates from the Courses in English department:

For more information about course registration, please have a look at the following websites: