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MUAS - Munich


The course system is different from your courses at home. In Germany, you have semesters (5-6 months with about 3 months of classes) with finals at the end of the term (before the semester break). You usually have one big exam at the end with no assignments during the semester, which allows you to do more in your free time. The downside to this is that with only the one big final you have to pass, you are in charge of how you study and don't have the opportunity to earn a certain percentage of your mark through assignments. Most of the courses are once a week for 3 hours, so it’s important to put in additional work on your own.

You can find all Print and Media Technology classes here: Bachelor course list. A list of electives can be found here, though not all of them are offered each semester: Bachelor electives list. If you're interested in taking an elective you should be aware that spots are usually allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis. Timetables for your semester will not be available until about two weeks before the semester starts. Although you can already get an idea of what they look like if you take a look at current timetables.

You can find a list of courses here:

  • Digital Color (= GrC 331)
  • Consumer Packaging (= GrC 337)
  • Marketing (= GrC 361)
  • Standardization (= GrC 320)
  • Organic & Printed Electronics (= GrC 329)
  • Project (= GrC 421)
  • Corporate Identity (= DRT concentration)
  • Technical writing (= concentration)
  • German language and culture